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current release

CheckNow! is currently in the alpha stage.

  • The news page is almost complete.
  • Game server status results have to be parsed and converted into human-readable format.
  • Management functions have to be implemented, along with the game server calls (to start/stop the servers)


CheckNow is now on Freshmeat, so hopefully I'll be able to attract some attention, and possibly get some assistance in getting this project on it's feet.

School is starting soon, so hopefully I can knock out a few more releases, get more of the major functions working to an extent, so I can refine them later on.

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want to help?

Looking to help with this project?
  • Know PHP?
  • Know game server querying methods?
  • Able to compile a list of game server installation directories and the name of their associated binaries?
Then e-mail me at erevly at cox dot net or send me an IM on AIM: erevlehdeux

Help make CheckNow! one of the premier game server administration tools.